RPC Remote

The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Remote component facilitates local and remote RPC calls using the ncacn_ip_tcp, ncacn_http, and ncadg_ip_udp protocol sequences. This component provides both client and server RPC functionality for ncacn_ip_tcp, provides client and server functionality for ncadg_ip_udp, and provides client and server RPC functionality for ncacn_http but requires an RPC proxy machine.

Secure remote procedure calls are not facilitated by the RPC Remote component. At least one RPC Secure component is required to make remote procedure calls with increased security, for example, Secure RPC over Kerberos, Secure RPC over Negotiate, Secure RPC over NTLM, or Secure RPC over SSL.

The RPC Remote component includes the functionality provided in the RPC Local component. Therefore, if you include RPC Remote in a configuration you do not need to include RPC Local.


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