Certificate MMC Snap-In

The Certificate Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-In (Certmgr.dll) component manages certificates on computers and in group policy.

This component reads and writes to certificate stores managed by Crypt32.dll and contained on the local system or in group policy. RSOP data is provided in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

This component includes the following applications: Certificate Snap-in, which allows users to view and manage certificates for users, computers and services; Software Restriction Policies extension snap-in; Public Key Policies extension snap-in which allows administrators to manage encrypting file system certificates, auto-enrollment, and trusted root certification authorities in group policies. It also contains Resultant Set of Policy (RSOP) extensions for Group Policy.


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

Certmgr.dll requires the Wsecedit.dll and Gpedit.dll components for Group Policy extensions.

Certmgr.dll also requires MMC.


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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