Msxml Libraries
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Msxml Libraries

The Microsoft Extensible Markup Language (MSXML) Libraries component contains functionality for working with XML documents.

This component includes the following files and applications:

  • XML Document Object Model (DOM). This provides you with the ability to load and parse XML files, gather information about files, and navigate and manipulate files. The four main objects exposed by the XML DOM are XMLDOMDocument, XMLDOMNode, XMLDOMNodeList, and XMLDOMNamedNodeMap.
  • EXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). XSL transformations address some common needs in XML. The XSL transformation language enables XML to display by transforming XML into grammar and structure suitable for display, for example, into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or the XSL formatting objects language.

XSL transformations can be executed on the server to provide HTML documents for later-version browsers, a process independent of a particular grammar output. For example, Internet Explorer 5 can apply XSL style sheets that produce HTML, allowing users to browse the XML files directly. They can be used for translating XML data from one schema to another. The transformation can be used for general-purpose transformations within a single grammar, including filtering, sorting, and summarizing data.


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