1394 Kernel Debugger Support Library

The 1394 Kernel Debugger Support Library component includes the KD1394.dll file. This dynamic-link library (DLL) is used for kernel-mode debugging of the system over the 1394 Bus.

This component is loaded on the target computer and requires that the 1394bus.sys and ohci1394.sys files be loaded on the target computer.


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

This component interacts with the hardware adaptation layer (HAL) and kernel to provide debug functionality using the 1394 Bus.


You must enter parameters for this component in BOOT.INI.

The following parameters are supported:

Property or setting nameDefault settingPurpose and useExample propertyExample setting
/DEBUGPORTNoneSpecifies the debug port to use for kernel debugging./DEBUGPORT=<Port>/DEBUGPORT=1394
/CHANNELNoneSpecifies the channel to use for 1394 kernel debugging./CHANNEL=<ChannelNumber>/CHANNEL=5


This component is intended to be used to debug the system over the 1394 Bus. It requires that a client system be present and that the debug client tools are used to communicate with the target system using KD1394.dll.

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