Client/Server Runtime (Console)

The Client/Server Runtime (Console) component is the core system component that is responsible for managing Windows processes. This component also provides the user interface for console applications.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

This component is heavily dependent on the Windows API - User component.


The configurable settings for this component are described in the following table.

SettingDefault settingDescription
Console screen window width (columns)80Specifies the width of the console screen window, in columns.
Console screen window height (lines)50Specifies the height of the console screen window, in lines.
Console screen buffer width (columns)80Specifies the number of characters that are stored in a line in the buffer.
Console screen buffer height (lines)300Specifies the number of lines that are stored in memory.
Console Window Size:
QuickEdit Mode
ClearedEnables the user to use a pointing device such as a mouse to cut and paste instead of using the Edit menu.


If the window width is less than the buffer width, or if the window height is less than the buffer height, scroll bars will be displayed in the console buffer.

The maximum window size cannot be greater than the area that is specified by the screen buffer settings. On x86-based computers using full-screen display, Windows displays the number of lines that are both supported by your hardware and closest to the specified window height.

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