Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) OLEDB Provider

The Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) OLEDB Provider component contains a read-only OLE DB provider for Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI). With this provider you can search ADSI directory providers, such as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) provider, using OLE DB and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects. You can make SQL-based LDAP-based queries. This component is particularly useful for programmers writing in Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript) or other Automation-compatible languages, because you can make directory queries using the Automation-friendly ActiveX Data Object interfaces without having to use an ADSI vtable-based IDirectorySearch interface.

This OLE DB provider uses the ADSI IDirectorySearch interface to perform queries. Therefore, it is only compatible with ADSI providers that expose this interface. The LDAP and Novell Directory Services (NDS) providers both expose this interface. The Microsoft Windows NT and NetWare Bindery (NWCOMPAT) providers do not expose this interface.


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