X++ Language Programming Guide

X++ Language Programming Guide

X++ is an object-oriented language with similarities to C++ and Java.

Because MorphX is a platform for constructing complex accounting and business management systems, the X++ language includes a number of common SQL commands as an integrated part of the language.

The memory management model is extremely simple: objects are created with a new operator. There are no explicit programmer-defined pointer data types, and there is no pointer arithmetic.

Programmers using X++ can access existing Microsoft Dynamics AX classes that provide functionality that ranges from basic I/O and DDE transfers to modifying controls in the graphical user interface at run time. These classes can be extended to provide new behavior.

X++ provides extensive compile-time checking, followed by a second level of run-time checking. The X++ garbage collector runs automatically; as soon as no references exist to a particular object, that object is deleted and its storage is reclaimed.

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