How to: Develop While Not Connected to the Version Control Server

You can still develop in Microsoft Dynamics AX when you are not connected to the version control server, as long as you do not need to add new objects that have ID numbers. You must check out all the objects that you want to modify before you go offline, and then check them in again when you are reconnected.

Many X++ objects have ID numbers and you cannot create these objects when you work offline. These objects are as follows: tables, maps, views, extended data types, base enumerations, license codes, configuration keys, security keys, perspectives, and classes.

The following objects do not have ID numbers and therefore can be created offline: table collections, macros, forms, reports, queries, jobs, menus, menu items, Web items, resources, references, and help objects.

Use the following procedure to add these new objects to the version control system when you are online again (jobs cannot be checked in to the version control system).

  1. Create the new objects offline.

  2. Export the objects.

  3. Go online.

  4. Delete the new objects.

  5. Import the new objects without IDs.

  6. Right-click the object, and then select Add To Version Control.

  7. Right-click the object again, and then select Check in.

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