TreeNode.AOTmessageLine Method

Writes text to the Application Object Tree (AOT) Message window.

public void AOTmessageLine(str text, int linenumber)





The string that contains the line to be shown in the message window.


An integer that is ignored. It does not currently direct the written text to a specific line number in the output Message window.

This method is intended to be used to output text so that when the user later double-clicks that line of text in the message window, some action will happen regarding this node.

The following example executes the AOTmessageLine method on a Form object, because Form inherits this method from TreeNode.

static void JobAOTmessageLineDemo(Args _args)
    Form f = new Form('testAOTMessageLine');
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 1a',1);
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 2a',2);
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 3a',3);
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 1b',1);
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 2b',2);
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 3b',3);
    f.AOTmessageLine('test message 2c',2);
    Actual Output in the Message window
    (the 7 identical lines):

    test message 2c
    test message 2c
    test message 2c
    test message 2c
    test message 2c
    test message 2c
    test message 2c

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