Managing document exchanges

Dynamics AX 4.0

Managing document exchanges involves viewing document history as documents pass through the framework, clearing and reviewing messages in the queues for adapter-based exchanges, and viewing the exception logs when problems arise.

For all types of exchanges, information about messages and document history are organized by action for each endpoint. You set the parameters for logging this information when you configure endpoint action policies. You view the logged information on the form when you click > > > .

You can view information about error conditions when they occur by clicking > > > . The form contains information about the module and subsystem where the error occurred, the user, date, and time, and a description of the error.

For adapter-based exchanges, you use the Microsoft Dynamics AX batch functionality to start and stop the operation of the four services (the AIFOutboundProcessingService, the AIFInboundProcessingService, the GatewaySendService, and the GatewayReceiveService) that move messages into and out of the document processing queues. Once documents are being exchanged, you can monitor the activity of documents in the queues, and you can edit and resubmit documents in error with the form (reached by clicking > > > ).