This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Extensibility in Team Edition for Database Professionals

You can extend Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals by creating custom data generators for use with Data Generator. In addition, you can use command-line integration points to build your database deployment scripts, deploy those updates to an active database, and run unit tests.

Custom Data Generators

If the data generators that are provided with Team Edition for Database Professionals do not meet your needs, you can use the extensibility API to create custom data generators. You can even provide custom data distributions for use when you generate test data.

Custom Unit Test Conditions

Team Edition for Database Professionals also includes a public API that you can use to add custom assertions to determine the success or failure of your tests. Most of the unit testing API is public but does not represent an extensibility point. Those APIs are used to create database unit tests that are written in managed code, such as Microsoft Visual C# 2005 or Visual Basic 2005.

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