SSO Server

The Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) server can perform any of the following tasks:

  • Functions as the master secret server. The master secret server holds the master secret, or encryption key, used to encrypt all the credentials in the SSO system. Though the master secret server can act as a server for lookups and administration, it is recommended that you use this server to act only as a master secret server for security reasons. For more information about the functions the master secret server performs, see Master Secret Server.
  • Performs administrative operations. SSO administrators can use any of the Single Sign-On Servers to perform administrative tasks such as managing affiliate applications, setting user credentials, and managing user mappings.
  • Performs lookup operations. The SSO server uses the runtime component to look up the user credentials.
  • Issues and Redeems Tickets. The SSO server also issues and redeems SSO tickets, which applications can use to get user credentials.
  • Password Synchronization. You can create and manage password synchronization adapters on the SSO Server.