Implementing Automatic Reports for Forms

Microsoft Dynamics AX can be configured to generate a report from the contents of any form that the user currently has open. Such automatic reports are based on the fields placed in the AutoReport field group.

  1. Locate the table used as a data source for the form in the Application Object Tree (AOT).

  2. Drag fields from the Fields list to the AutoReport field group on the table.

If a form has more than one data source, only the fields from the first table are displayed in the report.

The report is displayed when a user selects File > Print on an open form. Users can change the default output, range, and sorting before they print the report.

You must place at least two fields in the AutoReport field group for each table, Error icon except for parameter tables.

The fields placed in the AutoReport field group should be those that the user expects to print when they first click Print on the File menu. The fields used for the TitleField1 and TitleField2 properties are often used for this field group.

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