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Cross-Language Samples

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following table provide links to samples that demonstrate cross-language interoperability between Visual C# and Visual C++.

DataSetConsumerDemonstrates how to consume multiple-table DataSets in a SPROXY-generated SOAP client. The Visual C# code creates a multiple-table DataSet and exposes it through a Web method.
ManagedEventsDemonstrates event handling interoperability between Managed Extensions for C++ and Visual C# objects. The Visual C# code implements both an event source and an event receiver.
JrnlPostCreates a single DLL containing native business logic, an interface and type library for COM clients, and an assembly with corresponding metadata for .NET Framework clients. The Visual C# code instantiates a managed object from the DLL and calls a couple of methods on it. It illustrates that the DLL contains both COM and .NET Framework classes.
MCppWrapperIllustrates how a Managed Extensions __gc class can be used as a proxy class (or wrapper) for an unmanaged C++ class in a DLL. The Visual C# code is a client that reads a string and position from the console and displays a suffix.
TilePuzzleAn interactive sliding tile puzzle that demonstrates the interoperability of managed and unmanaged components. The Visual C# code provides the user interface to the tile-puzzle board. This component interfaces with the TileDriver Managed Extensions for C++ component to find valid states when a user tries to move a tile. It also calls into the algorithm engine when solving a puzzle.
CustomAttributesDemonstrates implementing a custom attribute. Custom attributes can be used to create type-checked user-defined metadata. The Visual C# custom attribute adds several different types of information to the metadata of the target class and defines several different parameter lists for usage.
DelegatesDemonstrates custom delegates in a managed application. The Visual C# DLL in the sample implements a basic Visual C# class (CDel) with a custom method.
OnlineAddressBookStores an address book in an XML Web service created with ATL Server. The sample has a Visual C# client that calls into the XML Web service.
PlanePartsDemonstrates how the various technologies available in Visual Studio .NET can be used together in an enterprise application. Visual C# is used for the Web Forms and to create a Windows Service.

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