This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Why Use C#

Visual Studio .NET 2003

C# is an elegant, simple, type-safe, object-oriented language that allows enterprise programmers to build a breadth of applications.

C# also gives you the capability to build durable system-level components by virtue of the following features:

  • Full COM/Platform support for existing code integration.
  • Robustness through garbage collection and type safety.
  • Security provided through intrinsic code trust mechanisms.
  • Full support of extensible metadata concepts.

You can also interoperate with other languages, across platforms, with legacy data, by virtue of the following features:

  • Full interoperability support through COM+ 1.0 and .NET Framework services with tight library-based access.
  • XML support for wWeb-based component interaction.
  • Versioning to provide ease of administration and deployment.

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