This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

List Members

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Valid members (properties, methods, events, and objects) are listed for a specific object reference. When you enter the name of an object, property, or valid Visual FoxPro command or function, an activator key displays a drop-down list of valid values for the current member.

For objects, the activator key is usually a period (.). For commands and functions, the activator key can be a space bar or the left (open) parenthesis.

As you type or navigate through the list, List Members displays a tip describing the type or the range of the selected item.

The List Members drop-down list remains open until you do one of the following:

  • Enter all required parameters, followed by a space
  • Type a terminator key (ESC, END, HOME, or invalid character key)
  • Change the active window

The status of List Members can be changed to Auto, Manual or Disabled within the General tab of the IntelliSense Manager. For more information, see Visual FoxPro IntelliSense Manager Window. You can also use the _vfp.EditorOptions property to programmatically change the status of List Members to Auto, Manual or Disabled. For more information, see EditorOptions Property.

When set to Automatic, List Members appears when an Activator key is pressed. With List Members set to Manual, you can activate List Members with the Edit menu, shortcut menu or using CTRL+J if the cursor is positioned at a location with available properties, methods, or events.

List Members is available wherever you can type Visual FoxPro code, including the Visual FoxPro Editor, the Command window, and all code window editors.

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