Form Control Classes

A system class exists for each type of form control. These classes are called FormControlnameControl. For example, FormIntControl, FormTabPageControl, and FormCheckBoxControl. In some cases, ControlName and the name of the control don't match exactly; see the following list of class names.

Form control system classes enable you to manipulate controls from your X++ code. Many of the methods in each system class are available from the Override Method shortcut on the control.

  1. Right-click the Methods node for the control.

  2. Select Override Method.

For more information about these methods, see Methods on Form Controls.

The following table describes which class contains the methods for manipulating each type of form control.


There is also a set of form build control classes. The names of these are the same as the classes in the previous table except that they are prefixed with "FormBuild" instead of "Form." These classes contain the property methods for setting the properties for each control (as seen in the Property sheet for each control).

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