SysAutoRun.execDataImport Method

Imports data from a .dat file into a company account.

protected boolean execDataImport(XmlNode _command)





The XML node to get the value from.

true if execution is successful; otherwise, false.

The execDataImport method is called when the <DataImport> tag is used in the configuration file when Microsoft Dynamics AX is started. For more information, see the SysAutoRun class.

Execution of this method is controlled by the SysAutoRun.execCommand method.

The <DataImport> tag has the following attributes:

  • companyId - Specifies the company account that data should be imported into.

  • file - Specifies the name and path of the file that data should be imported from.


    There must also be an equivalent .def file in its folder.

  • includeSystemTables - Determines whether the data import includes system and shared tables. These tables are not included by default. To include them, set the includeSystemTables attribute to true.

  • definitionGroupId - Specifies an existing definition group to use when importing data, such as definitionGroupId="STD".

The following example shows a possible use of the <DataImport> tag in the configuration file.

<DataImport companyId="fc" includeSystemTables="true" 
    file="d:\data\demodata.dat" />

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