Web services for application integration

Dynamics AX 4.0

Web services are programmatic interfaces that are made available to facilitate application-to-application (A2A) communication. The Application Integration Framework (AIF) includes support for Web services exposed to trading partners (known as inbound Web services) as well as an adapter to specify documents and use Web services exposed by other trading partners (known as outbound Web services).

  • Inbound Web services are synchronous; that is, they do not rely on a queue and a processing service to transfer information.

    Inbound Web services do not require an adapter, nor do they require a channel to be configured. However, you must configure a Web site on the form and you must configure all the other elements for a document transfer that uses AIF. That is, you must configure a local endpoint, actions (from which you generate Web services), at least one endpoint and an action policy on that endpoint. Additionally, you may configure pipeline components (including value lookups) and endpoint action data policies for document transfer with inbound Web services.

    When you configure an endpoint for inbound Web services, you must set up an Microsoft Dynamics AX user (or user group) for that endpoint. Next, you must give the user group access to the Business Connector. For details, see Configuring document exchanges that expose Web services.

  • Outbound Web services are asynchronous and place messages on a queue where they are exchanged using a batch processing service.

    Outbound Web services are initiated by your Microsoft Dynamics AX installation when other external sites have exposed Web services.

When you use AIF to expose Web services to external trading partners, you are allowing trading partners to create, update, read, delete, or query for records in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.


It is unsafe to deploy AIF using Web services outside the intranet without installing additional middleware to ensure proper security. As installed with Microsoft Dynamics AX, AIF Web services are intended for intranet deployment only.