Commerce Server 2007 Configuration Wizard

Commerce Server 2007
For the latest version of Commerce Server 2007 Help, see the Microsoft Web site.

Use the Commerce Server 2007 Configuration Wizard to enter the user accounts and the corresponding passwords for the Commerce Server Administration database, Commerce Server Direct Mailer Service and database, and the Commerce Server Staging Service. You can also use the Configuration Wizard to configure the Reporting Service for Commerce Server Staging.


In SQL Server Enterprise Manager, make sure that SQL Server is running before you start the Configuration Wizard. The icon in the Enterprise Manager window displays a green light when SQL server is running. If it is not running, right-click the computer name, and then click Start.

In addition, in order to configure the Commerce Server Staging Reporting Service, you must have enabled ASP on the computer that is running Internet Information Services (IIS) by using Internet Services Manager.

In multiserver deployments, SQL Server may be on a different computer than where Commerce Server 2007 is installed. In these cases, you should make sure that the remote computer that you are configuring for the Administration database or the Direct Mailer database has a running version of SQL Server.

Besides the Configuration Wizard pages that require user input to select or specify Commerce settings, the Configuration Wizard automatically performs the following operations:

  • Creates and sets up the following COM+ applications (for some COM+ applications, 32- and 64-bit versions are created on 64-bit systems):

    • Commerce Server Config (for the Administration API)

    • Commerce Server List Manager (for handling marketing lists)

    • Commerce Server Catalog Import Host (for handling catalog import and export)

    • Commerce Server Orders (for running the Commerce Server pipelines and orders transactions)

    • Commerce Server Promocode Generator (for generating promotion codes)

  • Sets up Commerce Server performance counters

  • Sets up the Widgets virtual directory (for the Commerce Server Profiles System schema administration)