Run-time images are based on the Windows XP Embedded Client (x86) - US English platform. Components and configurations are authored against this platform and the build script included in a configuration is specific to this platform.

Note   To build a particular device, such as a set-top box or a retail point-of-sale terminal, consider using one of the many design templates provided with the development tools. For more information, see Design Templates.

A platform is associated with a base component and a default prototype component. The base component defines the minimum functionality required for the platform, and is automatically included in every configuration.

The default prototype component defines the default build behavior for any component authored against the platform. Every component is based on a prototype component that may in turn be based on another prototype. This creates a prototype chain. The default prototype component is always at the base of a prototype chain. If a component definition does not specify a prototype, the default prototype component is used.

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