Target Analyzer Hardware Detection Capabilities

The Target Analyzer tool provides various levels of hardware detection, depending on the OS running on the device. Tap.exe can be restricted or unrestricted. In a 16-bit OS environment, Ta.exe produces limited results. Ta.exe can only make an assumption regarding hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and CPU types. The following table shows the hardware device types that Tap.exe and Ta.exe can detect.

Note   Ta.exe is a real-mode 16-bit version of Target Analyzer that can be run by using Microsoft MS-DOS. Use Ta.exe only for 16-bit MS-DOS devices.
Device typeTap.exe unrestrictedTap.exe restrictedTa.exe (MS-DOS)
Plug and Play BIOSXXX
ACPI (presence)XXX
ACPI (devices)X  
USB (presence)XXX
USB (devices)X  
1394 (presence)XXX
1394 (devices)X  
SCSI (presence)XXX
SCSI (devices)X  
PCMCIA (presence)XXX
PCMCIA (devices.)X  
ISA (presence)XXX
ISA (devices)Some/Maybe  
HALXXBest guess
CPU (driver)XXBest guess
IDE (presence)XXX
IDE (devices)X  
GKW (other)X  
Software enumerated devicesX  
Note   If you removed a device from your system, you must also remove the device from the appropriate component in Component Designer.

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