Groups are collections of either components, repositories, or both, that have been combined for a particular purpose. When items are assigned to groups, operations can be performed on a group basis instead of individually. Group membership is not defined by the group, but is declared by the members. The number of groups to which a component or repository can belong is unlimited.

Component Designer is used to define groups and also to assign group membership to components and repositories. A component or repository can be a member of any group in the component database, regardless of the .sld file in which it was defined.

In This Section

Describes a type of group that collects components according to their function, for the purpose of filtering and organizing them in the development tools.
Describes a type of group that collects components and repositories for administrative purposes, such as adding and deleting related items in a single operation.
Dependency Groups
Describes a type of group that collects components for the purpose of allowing dependencies on entire groups of components, or selected members therein, rather than on individual components.
Repository Sets
Describes a type of group that collects repositories into related sets that components can then reference instead of referencing single repositories.

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