This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Build Targets, Tasks, and Properties

The Microsoft.TeamFoundationBuild.targets file is imported in the TfsBuild.proj file by every Team Foundation Build type. The file includes several default targets, tasks, and properties that can be modified to customize the build process. The topics in this section describe how to override targets, modify default tasks, and set properties to customize the build process.

In This Section

Understanding Team Foundation Build Configuration Files

Describes the TfsBuild.proj and Microsoft.TeamFoundationBuild.targets files.

Customizable Team Foundation Build Targets

Lists and discusses the Team Foundation Build targets that can be overridden by writing a custom task.

Customizable Team Foundation Build Properties

Lists and discusses the Team Foundation Build properties that can be overridden in the TfsBuild.proj file.

Team Foundation Build Tasks

Lists and discusses the default Team Foundation Build tasks.

How to: Customize Build Numbers

Describes how to write a custom task to generate build numbers.

How to: Modify the Scope of Changesets and Work Items Associated With a Build Type

Describes how to override the CoreLabel target to build only specified changesets.

How to: Configure Team Foundation Build for an Incremental Build

Describes which properties to set to perform an incremental build using Team Foundation Build.

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