Lesson 3: Grouping Data

Lesson 3: Grouping Data (Report Builder)

You can add a group to the table that groups and sorts customer sales data by territory. Adding a group organizes sales data into logical units of data by showing the number of sales orders for each customer by territory. You can add groups to tables and matrices.

After adding fields and entities to the report in Lesson 2, the report contained a single group called Customer. In this lesson, you will group the data in the report by territory.

  1. In Report Builder design mode, select Territory from the entity list.

  2. In the Fields list, drag the Name field to the right side of the report layout.

    The Territory field is added to the Customer group.

  3. Double-click the Territory field heading.

  4. Drag the Territory field to the left side of the report.

There are now two group tabs displayed at the top of the report layout: Territory and Customer. If you do not see any group tabs at the top of the report layout, you need to select it by clicking anywhere in the report layout.

You have successfully created a new group within your report. Next, you will sort the data within the report. See Lesson 4: Sorting Data (Report Builder).

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