Tutorials for Ad Hoc Reporting

New: 17 July 2006

You can use the following tutorials to learn about ad hoc reporting solutions in Reporting Services. The tutorials can help you learn necessary skills for creating models, modifying models, and creating reports based on models.

Report Builder Tutorials

Learn how to create basic reports, format data, add filters and calculated fields, and add parameters using Report Builder.

Creating Model-Based Reports in Report Designer

Create reports based on report models within Report Designer and then use Report Designer's functionality to continue to design your report. By using the Report Model Query Designer, you can create a data source, connect to an existing report model, add the fields that you want to your query, and then modify the report definition using Report Designer.

Creating a Report Model

Create a report model based on the AdventureWorks sample database. Set up connection information, define a view of the data source, define a report model, and publish the model a report server.

Refining a Report Model in Model Designer

Modify a report model that was generated using Model Designer to understand how you can improve the client reporting experience.

Creating a Report Model Based on an Analysis Services Cube

Create an Analysis Services cube-based model using Report Manager or Management Studio.

Applying Security Filters to Model Items

Apply row-level security to an entity within the Adventure Works report model by using the SecurityFilters collection and then apply the requisite security settings in Management Studio.

Customizing Report Builder Clickthrough Reports

Create a Report Builder report and then use it as a customized clickthrough report.

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