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CA2CAEX Class 

This class is used by string conversion macros CA2CTEX and CT2CAEX, and the typedef CA2CA.

   int t_nBufferLength = 128
class CA2CAEX



The size of the buffer used in the translation process. The default length is 128 bytes.

Unless extra functionality is required, use CA2CTEX, CT2CAEX, or CA2CA in your own code.

This class is safe to use in loops and won't overflow the stack. By default, the ATL conversion classes and macros will use the current thread's ANSI code page for the conversion.

The following macros are based on this class:



The following typedef is based on this class:

  • CA2CA

For a discussion of these text conversion macros, see ATL and MFC String Conversion Macros.

See ATL and MFC String Conversion Macros for an example of using these string conversion macros.

Header: atlconv.h

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