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Compiler Warning (level 4) C4714

Error Message

function 'function' marked as __forceinline not inlined

The given function was selected for inline expansion, but the compiler did not perform the inlining.

Although __forceinline is a stronger indication to the compiler than __inline, inlining is still performed at the compiler's discretion, but no heuristics are used to determine the benefits from inlining this function.

In some cases, the compiler will not inline a particular function for mechanical reasons. For example, the compiler will not inline:

  • A function if it would result in mixing both SEH and C++ EH.

  • Some functions with copy constructed objects passed by value when -GX/EHs/EHa is on.

  • Functions returning an unwindable object by value when -GX/EHs/EHa is on.

  • Functions with inline assembly when compiling without -Og/Ox/O1/O2.

  • Functions with a variable argument list.

  • A function with a try (C++ exception handling) statement.

The following sample generates C4714:

// C4714.cpp
// compile with: /Ob1 /GX /W4
__forceinline void func1()
   catch (...)

void func2()
   func1();   // C4714

int main()

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