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Transfers double float data between the field data members of a CRecordset object and the columns of a record on the data source of ODBC type SQL_DOUBLE.

void RFX_Double(
   CFieldExchange* pFX,
   const char* szName,
   double& value 


A pointer to an object of class CFieldExchange. This object contains information to define the context for each call of the function. For more information about the operations a CFieldExchange object can specify, see the article Record Field Exchange: How RFX Works.
The name of a data column.
The value stored in the indicated data member — the value to be transferred. For a transfer from recordset to data source, the value, of type double, is taken from the specified data member. For a transfer from data source to recordset, the value is stored in the specified data member.


See RFX_Text.

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