Administrative Installation 

Administrative installation is a feature of Microsoft Windows Installer that allows you to install a source image of an application on a network share. Users in a workgroup who have access to the network share can then install the application from the source image.

The User Interface Editor allows you to specify a different set of installation dialog boxes that will be displayed when an administrator installs the application to a network share via the command line using the /a command-line option (msiexec /a installername).


When installing an application through administrative installation, bootstrapping application files (the files that install Windows Installer, if needed) are not copied to the server even if the Bootstrapper property is set to Windows Installer Bootstrapper. If the bootstrapping application files are required for installation, you will need to manually copy the files Instmsia.msi, Instmsiw.msi, Setup.exe, and Setup.ini to the server. These files can be found in the same directory as the .msi file for your application.

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