This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Set Startup Projects 

You can select which project or projects within a solution will be the first built, debugged, and deployed Visual Studio, and be run first when a solution is deployed.

To set a single startup project

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the desired startup project within your solution.

  2. On the Project menu, choose Set as StartUp Project.

To set multiple startup projects

  1. In Solution Explorer, select your solution.

  2. On the View menu, choose Property Pages.

    The Solution Property Pages dialog box opens.

  3. Select Common Properties, and choose Startup Project.

    The Startup Project properties for your solution are displayed.

  4. Select the Multiple Startup Project option.

  5. Click the Action for each startup project, and from the drop-down list of options, choose Start or Start without debugging (if you do not wish to run the debugger on startup).

  6. To change the order in which projects will be opened, debugged, and run, select projects, and click Move Up or Move Down.

  7. Click OK to save these settings.

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