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Indicates that the type information member is the default member for display in the user interface.


The uidefault C++ attribute has the same functionality as the uidefault MIDL attribute.

The following code shows a sample of uidefault:

// cpp_attr_ref_uidefault.cpp  
// compile with: /LD  
#include "unknwn.h"  
[object, uuid("9E66A290-4365-11D2-A997-00C04FA37DDB")]  
__interface ICustom{  
   HRESULT Custom([in] long l, [out, retval] long *pLong);  
   [uidefault]HRESULT id0([in] long l);  
   [uidefault]HRESULT id1([in] long l);  
   [uidefault, propget] HRESULT get_y(int *y);  
   [uidefault, propput] HRESULT put_y(int y);  

Attribute Context

Applies toInterface method
Required attributesNone
Invalid attributesNone

For more information about the attribute contexts, see Attribute Contexts.

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