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Important This document may not represent best practices for current development, links to downloads and other resources may no longer be valid. Current recommended version can be found here.


Transfers CTime or TIMESTAMP_STRUCT data between the field data members of a CRecordset object and the columns of a record on the data source of ODBC type SQL_DATE, SQL_TIME, or SQL_TIMESTAMP.

void RFX_Date( 
   CFieldExchange* pFX, 
   const char* szName, 
   CTime& value  
void RFX_Date( 
   CFieldExchange* pFX, 
   const char* szName, 
void RFX_Date( 
   CFieldExchange* pFX, 
   const char* szName, 
   COleDateTime& value  


A pointer to an object of class CFieldExchange. This object contains information to define the context for each call of the function. For more information about the operations a CFieldExchange object can specify, see the article Record Field Exchange: How RFX Works.


The name of a data column.


The value stored in the indicated data member; the value to be transferred. The various versions of the function take different data types for value:

The first version of the function takes a reference to a CTime object. For a transfer from recordset to data source, this value is taken from the specified data member. For a transfer from data source to recordset, the value is stored in the specified data member.

The second version of the function takes a reference to a TIMESTAMP_STRUCT structure. You must set up this structure yourself before the call. Neither dialog data exchange (DDX) support nor code wizard support is available for this version. The third version of the function works similarly to the first version except that it takes a reference to a COleDateTime object.

The CTime version of the function imposes the overhead of some intermediate processing and has a somewhat limited range. If you find either of these factors too limiting, use the second version of the function. But note its lack of code wizard and DDX support and the requirement that you set up the structure yourself.

Header: afxdb.h

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