This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Diff_Format Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies the format used to show differences between files. The format that you set will be used for Visual SourceSafe Explorer, as well as the command line utility SS.


You can always override the format setting using command options or the SourceSafe Options dialog box, Difference tab.

Diff_Format = {SS|UNIX|Visual}

The following table defines the possible options for displaying differences between files.


Lists lines added, deleted, or changed in the old-style Visual SourceSafe format, also called the SourceSafe format.


Displays differences in the standard output form of the UNIX diff utility.


Shows the two files side by side, with different lines color-coded.

If you do not set a format, the difference format for Visual SourceSafe Explorer defaults to the Visual setting. The command line format defaults to the SS setting.

Specifies that the visual format will be used:

Diff_Format = Visual