ATL Performance Monitor Object Manager Wizard
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ATL Performance Monitor Object Manager Wizard 

This wizard inserts into the project a performance monitor object manager. Using this wizard, you can specify the name of the class and the header file name. By default, the register parameter is set to true. Additionally, you can add a sample performance object and performance counter, and you can add TODO comments to the project.

Class name

Sets the name of the performance monitor object manager class that you are adding.

.h file

Sets the name of the header file for the new object's class. By default, this name is based on the name you provide in Class name. Click the ellipsis button to save the file name to the location of your choice, or to append the class declaration to an existing file. If you choose an existing file, the wizard will not save it to the selected location until you click Finish in the wizard.

The wizard does not overwrite a file. If you select the name of an existing file, when you click Finish, the wizard prompts you to indicate whether the class declaration should be appended to the contents of the file. Click Yes to append the file; click No to return to the wizard and specify another file name.

Generate TODO comments

Adds comments to the header file indicating the next steps needed to implement a performance monitor and counters.


If you create an attributed object and add TODO comments, these comments stay in place even after you have added attributed performance objects and counters.

Generate sample object

Adds one sample performance object and object class (CProjNameSampleObject) to your new performance monitor object manager. To the performance object, it adds one sample performance counter and adds a data member for the counter (ULONG m_nCounter) to the performance object. The counter type is set to PERF_COUNTER_RAW C OUNT, a simple instantaneous counter value.

Attributed code

Sets the class to use attributes. Your performance monitor object manager is inserted as follows:

[ perfmon(name="Perf_ClassName", register=true) ]
class ClassName
   // TODO: First add Performance Monitor objects to your project.
   // You can then add counters to those objects. Use the context
   // menu of MyPMManager in ClassView to add a PerfMon Object
   // to your project. Then use the context menu of the newly
   // created PerfMon Object to add a PerfMon Counter.

If you select Attributed code and your project was not created using attributes, then the wizard adds attribute support to the project.

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