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Template Directives 

You can use the following template directives in a wizard template file and the Templates.inf file to customize the wizard.

Directive Description

[! if ]

Begins a control structure to check for a condition.

[! else ]

Part of the [! if ] control structure. Checks for another condition.

[! endif ]

Ends the definition of an [! if ] control structure.

[! output ]

Can be used in the following two ways:

  • [! output "string" ] gives you the string.

  • [! output SYMBOL_STRING ] gives you the value of the symbol SYMBOL_STRING.

[! loop ]

Can be used in the following two ways:

  • [! loop = 5 ]

  • [! loop = NUM_OF_PAGES ] where NUM_OF_PAGES is a symbol with a numeric value.

[! endloop ]

Ends a loop structure.

The left bracket ([) followed immediately by an exclamation mark (!) indicates the beginning of a template directive. The right bracket indicates the end of a template directive. This is the required syntax:

[!directive params]

A space or a non-identifier character is required only between directive and params.


You have checked the option 'Sample radio button option 1'
You have checked the option 'Sample radio button option 2'

You can use the following operators with the above directives in a template file.



[!if SYMBOL_STRING != 0]

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