Side-By-Side Execution for COM Interop
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Side-By-Side Execution for COM Interop 

Side-By-side execution enables COM applications to safely access multiple versions of managed components through COM interop services. For a summary of side-by-side concepts and configuration models, see the Side-by-Side Execution Overview.

In This Section

Runtime Initialization from a COM Application

Describes how COM interop selects a runtime version and resolves managed types.

Version-Dependent Registry Keys

Identifies the registry subkeys for multiple assemblies.

Configuring a COM Application for Side-By-Side Execution

Describes the configuration files used to specify a version of the runtime and a managed component.

Applying Version-Dependent Attributes

Identifies version-dependent attributes and describes their uses.

COM Components and Side-By-Side Execution

Discusses the impact of multiple versions of a COM component.

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Registration-Free COM Interop

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