This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CHeaderCtrl Class 

Provides the functionality of the Windows common header control.

class CHeaderCtrl : public CWnd

A "header control" is a window usually positioned above columns of text or numbers. It contains a title for each column, and it can be divided into parts. The user can drag the dividers that separate the parts to set the width of each column.

This control (and therefore the CHeaderCtrl class) is available only to programs running under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT version 3.51 and later.

Functionality added for Windows 95/Internet Explorer 4.0 common controls includes the following:

  • Header item custom ordering.

  • Header item drag and drop, for reordering of header items. Use the HDS_DRAGDROP style when you create the CHeaderCtrl object.

  • Header column text constantly viewable during column resizing. Use the HDS_FULLDRAG style when you create a CHeaderCtrl object.

  • Header hot tracking, which highlights the header item when the pointer is paused over it. Use the HDS_HOTTRACK style when you create the CHeaderCtrl object.

  • Image list support. Header items can contain images stored in a CImageList object, as well as text.

For more information on using CHeaderCtrl, see Controls and Using CHeaderCtrl.

Header: afxcmn.h