Context-Sensitive Keywords
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Context-Sensitive Keywords

Some language elements are only recognized in specific contexts. These are known as context-sensitive keywords. Outside the specific context, a context-sensitive keyword can be a user-defined symbol.

For readability purposes, you may want to limit your use of context-sensitive keywords as user–defined symbols.

The following are context-sensitive keywords:

The following sample shows that property, a context-sensitive keyword, can be used to define a property and a variable.

// context_sensitive_keywords.cpp
// compile with: /clr
public ref class C {
   int MyInt;
   C() : MyInt(99) {}

   property int Property_Block {
      int get() { return MyInt; }

int main() {
   int property = 0;
   C ^ MyC = gcnew C();
   property = MyC->Property_Block;

Compiler option: /clr

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