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Microsoft JScript Features - Non-ECMA (JScript)

Microsoft JScript Features - Non-ECMA (JScript) 

JScript incorporates almost all of the features in ECMAScript Edition 3 and many of the proposed features proposed for ECMAScript Edition 4. In addition, JScript also has many unique features that are not provided by the ECMAScript languages. These JScript-specific features are listed in the table below.

JScript-specific Features

Category Feature/Keyword

Array Handling

VBArray dimensions, getItem, lbound, toArray, ubound

Class-Based Objects

expando, super

Conditional Compilation

@cc_on,@if Statement,@set Statement,@debug,@position,Conditional Compilation Variables

Data Types

boolean, byte, char, decimal,double, float, int, long,Number, sbyte, short, String,uint, ulong, ushort

Dates and Time


Displaying Information



Enumerator atEnd, item, moveFirst, moveNext


package, import


Enumerator VBArray ActiveXObject GetObject

Script Engine Identification

ScriptEngine ScriptEngineBuildVersion ScriptEngineMajorVersion ScriptEngineMinorVersion

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