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  • One of these development environments:

    VSTO 2005


    Visual Studio Team System

  • Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System supports Windows Forms controls and a new type of control, known as host controls. You can add these controls to your Microsoft Office Word 2003 documents and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 worksheets in the same manner that you add controls to Windows Forms.

In This Section

Adding Controls to Office Documents at Run Time

Describes the helper methods available for adding Windows Forms controls and host controls to Word and Excel documents.

Limitations of Windows Forms Controls on Office Documents

Describes the limitations of using Windows Forms Control on a document, including unsupported controls, unsupported methods and properties of controls, and the differences that exists when a control is placed on a document versus a Windows Form.

Windows Forms Controls on Office Documents Overview

Provides information on using Windows Forms controls on Excel and Word documents and how they differ from controls on a Windows Form.

Host Items and Host Controls Overview

Describes the functionality of host items and host controls, including programming against events, binding the controls to data, and how the controls differ from the native objects.

Related Sections

Programming Office Applications

Provides links to information on using managed code with Word and Excel solutions.

Actions Pane Overview

Provides information on displaying controls on the actions pane, managing layout of the controls, and binding the controls to data. Also discusses the advantages of using the actions pane in your Word and Excel documents.

Binding Data to Controls Overview

Describes how you can display data in Word and Excel documents by binding the data to host controls within the document.

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