_GetNewMenuId( ) API Library Routine

Returns a menu identifier for use with other menu-related functions.

MENUID _GetNewMenuId(void any)
void any;                     /* Pointer. */

Every menu must have a unique identifier.

For more information on how to create an API library and integrate it with Visual FoxPro, see Accessing the Visual FoxPro API.

The following example builds a menu with three items. Before the example can create a menu using _NewMenu( ), it must use _GetNewMenuId( ) to generate a unique MENUID.

Visual FoxPro Code


C Code

#include <pro_ext.h>

void putLong(long n)
   Value val;

   val.ev_type = 'I';
   val.ev_long = n;
   val.ev_width = 10;


FAR GetNewItemId(ParamBlk FAR *parm)
   MENUID menuId;
   ITEMID itemId;
   Point loc;

   menuId = _GetNewMenuId();
   _NewMenu(MPOPUP, menuId);

   itemId = _GetNewItemId(menuId);
   _NewItem(menuId, itemId, -2, "\\<1st item");

   itemId = _GetNewItemId(menuId);
   _NewItem(menuId, itemId, -2, "\\<2nd item");

   itemId = _GetNewItemId(menuId);
   _NewItem(menuId, itemId, -2, "\\<3rd item");

   loc.v = 10; loc.h = 20;
   _SetMenuPoint(menuId, loc);

   _MenuInteract(&menuId, &itemId);

   _PutStr("\nmenuId ="); putLong(menuId);
   _PutStr("\nitemId ="); putLong(itemId);


FoxInfo myFoxInfo[] = {
   {"ONLOAD", (FPFI) GetNewItemId, CALLONLOAD, ""},
FoxTable _FoxTable = {
   (FoxTable FAR *) 0, sizeof(myFoxInfo)/sizeof(FoxInfo), myFoxInfo

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