CComClassFactoryAutoThread Class

This class implements the IClassFactory interface, and allows objects to be created in multiple apartments.

class CComClassFactoryAutoThread : public IClassFactory,  
public CComObjectRootEx< CComGlobalsThreadModel >

CComClassFactoryAutoThread is similar to CComClassFactory, but allows objects to be created in multiple apartments. To take advantage of this support, derive your EXE module from CComAutoThreadModule.

ATL objects normally acquire a class factory by deriving from CComCoClass. This class includes the macro DECLARE_CLASSFACTORY, which declares CComClassFactory as the default class factory. To use CComClassFactoryAutoThread, specify the DECLARE_CLASSFACTORY_AUTO_THREAD macro in your object's class definition. For example:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE CMyAutoClass :
   public CComObjectRootEx<CComMultiThreadModel>,
   public CComCoClass<CMyAutoClass, &CLSID_MyAutoClass>,
   public IMyAutoClass

   // Remainder of class declaration omitted.

Header: atlcom.h

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