This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Skip Initialization Variables

Visual Studio 2005

Specify Yes to display dialog boxes when you click the associated menu commands, for example, the Get command, and No to use the Visual SourceSafe default. By default, Visual SourceSafe does not display a dialog box when you perform a command on a file, but does display the dialog box when you perform a command on a project.

Skip_Fcheckout = {Yes|No}
Skip_Pcheckout = {Yes|No}
Skip_Fget = {Yes|No}
Skip_Pget = {Yes|No}
Skip_Funcheckout = {Yes|No}
Skip_Puncheckout = {Yes|No}
Skip_Pdeploy = {Yes|No}
Skip_Psitemap = {Yes|No}
Skip_Fdiff = {Yes|No}
Skip_Pdiff = {Yes|No}
Skip_Fhistory = {Yes|No}
Skip_Phistory = {Yes|No}

The advantage of the dialog box is that it enables you to treat a command differently each time you use it. The disadvantage is that the use of the dialog box adds at least one extra step to every common operation.

You can set these variables in your Ss.ini file directly or in Visual SourceSafe Explorer. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, use the SourceSafe Options dialog box, Command Dialogs tab. Select the dialog boxes that you want to be displayed.

Displays no dialog box when you perform a project-level Get command and sets the Check Out dialog box to display when you use the file-level Check Out command:

Skip_Pget = Yes
Skip_Fcheckout = No