This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DefaultClientScript Property 

The DefaultClientScript property of an HTML document sets the default scripting language used by client-side <SCRIPT> elements.

You can set the DefaultClientScript property from either the Properties window or the DOCUMENT Property Pages dialog box. For more information, see How to: Set the DefaultClientScript Property of a Web Page.

Changing the DefaultClientScript property of a page adds a <meta> element to the <head> element that specifies the default scripting language. The element looks like the following:

<meta content="text/JScript" http-equiv="content-script-type" />


<meta content="text/VBScript" http-equiv="content-script-type" />

You also can specify the scripting language of a particular HTML script block by defining the type (for Web browsers that support HTML 4.0 and later) and language (for older HTML 3.2 browsers) attributes of the <SCRIPT> element:

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/VBScript" LANGUAGE="VBScript">