This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Checkout (Command Line)

Visual Studio 2005

Checks out a file and makes the working copy of the file in the current project writable. Optionally, this command overwrites the working copy of a file with its latest database version and then makes it writable. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options.

ss Checkout <VSS files> [-C] [-F] [-G] [-H] [-I-] [-L-] [-L+] [-M] [-N] [-O] [-R] [-V] [-Y] [-?]

You must have the Check Out/Check In project right to use this command.

By default, comments are requested for all files included in a checkout operation. You can use the -C option to type only one comment, which will be applied to all files included in the operation.

Unless the database administrator has changed the default setting for checking out local versions, the Checkout command automatically gets the file, which overwrites your local copy with the latest master copy and then makes the local copy writable. To avoid this, you can override the administrative setting for Check Out Local Version on a checkout-by-checkout basis, using the –L- and –L+ options.

Checks out file Test.c from project $/TESTDATA:

ss Checkout $/TESTDATA/TEST.C

Checks out files Test.c and Test.h:

ss Checkout TEST.C TEST.H

Checks out all files in the TESTDATA project and all subfolders:

ss Checkout -R $/TESTDATA