This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data_Path Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Sets the path to the data folder that Visual SourceSafe uses to keep version information. This variable is used in Srcsafe.ini only. The database administrator should use the default or set this variable only once before creating a new database.

Data_Path = <folder path>

The Visual SourceSafe Setup program creates a relative data path during installation. By default, Setup sets this variable so that Visual SourceSafe will look for the Data directory relative to the path where the Srcsafe.ini file is located.


If you are using remote access and you change this path, you must also update the web.config file with the <AllowDataFolderRedirection> option. Inside the <appSettings> section, add the line:<add key="AllowDataFolderRedirection" value="enable"/>For example:<appSettings><add key="AllowDataFolderRedirection" value="enable"/></appSettings>

Sets the data folder to the directory Data in the Visual SourceSafe directory on the \\MIS\Developers share:

Data_Path = \\MIS\Developers\SS4\DATA