This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Icon Dialog Box 

Specifies an icon for the Icon and AddRemoveProgramsIcon properties. The file containing the icon must be added to the deployment project before it is available to the Icon dialog box.

To access the Icon dialog box, select the AddRemoveProgramsIcon property in the Properties window when a deployment project is selected in Solution Explorer, or select the Icon property for a shortcut in the File System Editor or a document type in the File Types Editor.

User Interface Element List

File name

Displays the path and filename for the currently selected icon.


Opens the Select Item in Project dialog box, used to select an icon file. If the icon file is not in the deployment project, you can use the Add File button to add an icon file.

Current icon

Displays an image of the currently selected icon. If the icon file contains multiple icons, the available icons are displayed and the currently selected icon is highlighted.

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