Deploying .NET Framework Applications 

The .NET Framework provides a number of basic features that make it easier to deploy a variety of applications. This section briefly describes those features and provides information about packaging and distributing applications with the .NET Framework.

In This Section

Deployment How-to and Walkthrough Topics

Provides links to all How-to and Walkthrough topics found in the conceptual documentation for deployment.

.NET Framework Deployment Features

Provides a brief overview of the deployment features in the .NET Framework.

.NET Framework Deployment Basics

Provides an overview of packaging and distributing .NET Framework applications.

ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms Applications (.NET Framework Guide)

Describes how to package a Windows Forms application and deploy it with ClickOnce to client computers on a network.

Deployment Scenarios for .NET Framework Applications

Describes several possible deployment scenarios for .NET Framework applications.

How the Runtime Locates Assemblies

Describes how the common language runtime determines which assembly to use to fulfill a binding request.

Redistributing the .NET Framework

Describes where to obtain the .NET Framework redistributable package, Dotnetfx.exe, and how to use it to deploy the .NET Framework on user and server computers.

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