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Compiler Warning (level 1) C4715
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Compiler Warning (level 1) C4715

Error Message

'function' : not all control paths return a value

The specified function can potentially not return a value.


// C4715a.cpp
// compile with: /W1 /LD
int func1( int i )
   if( i )
   return 3;  // C4715 warning, nothing returned if i == 0

To prevent this warning, modify the code so that all paths assign a return value to the function:

// C4715b.cpp
// compile with: /LD
int func1( int i )
   if( i ) return 3;
   else return 0;     // OK, always returns a value

It is possible that your code may contain a call to a function that never returns, as in the following example:

// C4715c.cpp
// compile with: /W1 /LD
void fatal()
int glue()
      return 1;
   else if(0)
      return 0;
      fatal();   // C4715

This code also generates a warning, because the compiler does not know that fatal never returns. To prevent this code from generating an error message, declare fatal using __declspec(noreturn).

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